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A. Multi-material topology optimization

This research aims to establish an optimal design method for multi-material topology using multiple materials with different properties to reduce the weight of the structure while keeping the strength of each material as a constraint. Here, we use "high strength - high density" (pink) and "low strength - low density" (black) materials to study the optimal material arrangement determination method that satisfies the strength of each material while keeping the weight low and satisfying the given mechanical performance.


Energy absorption capacity design by elastoplastic topology optimization

In this research, we are developing a multi-material topology optimum design method that considers the elasto-plastic behavior of materials with the intention of improving the performance of energy absorbing devices such as tamper. Specifically, we have proposed an algorithm that can determine the optimal material arrangement (topology) of both low yield point steel (yellow), which is a "low strength-high toughness material," and high strength-low toughness material (blue). The following is an example showing the material arrangement that enables the maximization of energy absorption performance calculated using this method. In addition, we aim to extend our method to the multi-material optimal design of large deformation elasto-plastic structural problems.

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